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February 13, 2013
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You pull on your shoes and tie them in place using the good old bunny ears method that you know and love. You pause and then double knot your shoelaces… just in case. You look out the window quickly and examine how it looks outside. The sun is shining… but it is hard to tell how cold it is based on that. This February weather is very tricky sometimes. You dig through the coat closet and find an old knitted hat that will have to do for now. You also find a pair of mittens that are sharks with eyes and teeth on them.

“Oh my god!” you declare loudly. “My old shark mittens! Yes!”

You slip your warm aquatic buddies onto your hands, zip up your jacket, and open the door. You stand on the door step for a moment and realize that it is not too cold; kind of warm actually…for February. You pull off your hat and mittens, to your disappointment, and throw them back into the closet, where they fall onto the floor in a heaping mess. You stare at the items, and because you are lazy you just push them father into the closet with your foot and close the door.

You grab your house key off the wall and jump outside. You close the door, lock it, and start to sprint to the forested area just down the block. You squint your eyes a bit due to the bright sun glinting off the snow. Most of the snow has melted away and little streams of water rush down the street and into the sewer.

You finally reach the empty lot and scurry down the small hill. Your shoes get muddy along the way and it’s a bit slippery for you to walk.

You walk around the water’s edge and stare at the ice. You know better than to walk on there, especially when it’s so warm outside.  

You walk further into the trees and find a good branch to hang your jacket on. You warmed yourself up from your run and it is warm enough without a winter jacket anyways, so you peel off your outer layer, keeping your hoodie on for good measure. You hang your winter jacket on the branch and stretch out your limbs.

Your eyes wander around the vibrant green forest and they land on what is left of your fort. “Oh no!” you cry disappointed. “My snow fort!”

You walk up to the pitiful looking pile of snow and sigh. “I worked so hard on that… and now it’s all melted”.

You look around to see if there is a chance of rebuilding it, but alas, there is not enough snow to use.

You sit down on a log that served as the forts bench and you rest your hand on your chin to think.

Today school was canceled due to a teachers meeting and you decided to spend your sunny afternoon outside instead of inside doing homework. Tomorrow school will be open again and tomorrow is Valentine’s day which means the school is holding the annual Valentine’s day dance. Jeffery Hamilton asked you to go with him, but you turned him down. He creeps you out and he always stares at you in gym class. During social dance class last week he kept trying to move his hand towards your butt. He is so gross and perverted. Plus, dances were for the popular kids, and girls who are desperate to dance with boys because they don’t get any attention otherwise. You had only been to one dance at school and it was so awkward that you swore to never go again.

You did hope that people would give you Valentines though; hopefully those ones with chocolate in them. That was the only good thing about the holiday.

You look up to the top of the trees and smile at yourself, and you hear the distant sound of footsteps behind you. You glance over your shoulder and look around to see who might be approaching.

A young boy appears out of the trees and locks eyes with yours.
“(your name)!” he yells.

“Jamie!” you wave back.

He hurries over and walks into the ruined fort. He looks over it and laughs.

“Looks like it all melted” he concludes.

“Yeah…” you nod in agreement.

“What are you doing out here (your name)? Don’t you have school?” he questions.

“It was canceled… teachers meeting. Wait, what are YOU doing here? Don’t YOU have school?” you pry.

“I didn’t feel like going today…don’t tell my mum okay?” he pleaded.

You smirk and say, “Okay, I won’t”.

Jamie looks at you and then reaches into his pocket. “Are you going to come babysit me anytime soon?” he asks “I miss you… I miss playing with you”.

Your face softens and you smile at him. “Your mom has not asked me in a while…” you admit.

He looks down as he processes this. “Well, you can come over to play anytime, you don’t have to babysit…we can just hangout”.

“What about Sophie?” You inquire.

“She can play too, if you want her to tag along”.

You stare at him with his hand in your pocket. “What have you got in your pocket?”

He pulls out an envelope that is sealed with a heart sticker; it bears your name. He hands it to you and gives you a cheeky smile. “It’s my Valentine’s day card to you! We do card exchanges at school, and I thought I could give you one”.

You open the envelop, pull out the card, and look at the picture on the front; it’s a Bigfoot creature. Jamie slumps down beside to you watch as you read the card. He smiles and looks from your face to the card, from the card back up to your face.

“People may not believe in Bigfoot…” you read out loud “but they better believe that we are best friends”.

“I thought that up myself,” Jamie said proudly.

“Its…creative” you state, unable to come up with something better to say. “Do you still believe in this stuff Jamie?”

“Of course, plus… I have seen some of the people that people think don’t exist” he grins.

You look at him and frown. “Sorry… you’ve SEEN them? Who…or what have you seen?”

“Santa Claus, the Sandman, the tooth fairy, the Easter bunny, the Boogey man…” he lists.

While you listen this you nod your head and hold back a laugh. Yeah right, you think.

“…and Jack Frost” he finishes.

Your eyes pull together at this. “Jack Frost? You believe in Jack Frost?”

“Sure I do! I can see him too!” he clarifies. “I am one of the only people who can see him though… unless… oh! Do you wanna meet him?”

You lift an eyebrow. “Uhm… sure?”

Jamie jumps up from the log and grabs hold of your hand and he sprints back through the forest. You try to stay upright but he continues to tug you along.

“Jamie! Slow down your hurting my hand!” you scold.

You keep running and you see where he is headed. “Jamie no! Jamie stop! JAMIE!” you scream.

Jamie grabs tighter and runs you farther than you should have gone. He slows down at your pleas and before he can ask you what is wrong he realizes his mistake. You both look down at the ice below you and you stop running. “J-Jamie…” you whisper, feeling very frightened.

“It’s okay, the ice is frozen (your name)” he explains very sure of himself.

“It’s too warm out Jamie, the ice isn’t thick enough!”

“I’m gonna call Jack okay? Just stay there” he states.

You look at Jamie and realize the danger you are both in. You slowly but carefully bend down and lay yourself stomach first on the ice. “Jamie, you need to lie down so that you can distribute your weight on the ice!”

“It’ll be fine (your name). Jaaaaaack? Jack Frooooost?!” He yells loudly.

You look around and don’t see anything. “Jamie please!” you beg.

Jamie looks back at you and then sees that you dropped your card on the way onto the ice. “(your name) you dropped your card, lemme get it for you,” he offers.

“No Jamie don’t!” you plead.

He walks away from you and you hear the sickening sound of ice cracking across the lake. You watch in horror and the ice breaks under him and Jamie goes under. “JAMIE!” you cry out. You get up without thinking and run towards him. You hear the ice splitting under you so you crouch and lay down on your stomach. You approach the hole in the ice carefully and pull off your belt to try to use it somehow. You don’t see him anymore, the belt won’t do any good now. You are about to go in after him when you see him surface.

“Jamie!” you scream. You begin to cry. “Jamie!”

To your surprise he keeps moving out of the water, but he looks like someone is pulling him. His eyes are closed and he looks a little blue. You hear ice cracking again and fear the worst, but to your amazement the ice below is freezing over before your eyes. You see Jamie being lifted into thin air and flown to dry land. He is set down on his back and he doesn’t move. You look around terrified and suddenly feel hands grab you and lift you up. Petrified, you stay still and watch as you fly through the air.

You make it to the edge of the lake, and without hesitation you rush over to Jamie and start CPR. Luckily fate was on your side today, and he coughed up the ice cold water. He then opened his eyes and smiled weakly at you. “Oh my gosh Jamie! You scared me!”

You look at his shivering body and remember your coat back on the tree. “I’ll be right back!”

You rush through the forest faster than a sparkly vampire and you grab your coat. You dash back even faster than before, and you return yielding your jacket. You take off your hoodie and slide it under him, you then peel off Jamie’s coat and shirt and put your coat on him. “There, nice and warm” you fake a smile. You regret not bringing your extra hat and mittens along, they could have proved useful in this situation. You pull the hood over his head and secure it in the front; you want to keep his body heat in. You look at his frozen legs and try to stand him up. You then put your hoodie around his legs and secure it with your belt. You take off his shoes and replace his socks with yours.

“(your name)?” he murmurs.

“Yes, Jamie?” You ask as you lift him into your arms. He is heavier than you think, but you have to do it, you have to carry him inside, somewhere warm. You feel warm tears slipping from your watery eyes, and you compose yourself as best as you can. You have to be brave, you are the oldest, you are the big kid here. I’m only 14, you think to yourself. No 14 year old should have to deal with this. You steady yourself and take a step towards the hill.

“You don’t have to carry me (your name), Jack can do it… he’s right here” he breathes.

You stagger a little, his weight too much for you to carry. “Jamie… Jack Frost is here?” you ask concerned for his mental state.

“Mhm...” he mumbles.  

You look down at him and see he is completely serious, and you stare back at the now completely frozen lake and try to understand what the heck happened back there. You can’t explain how Jamie was pulled out of the ice water, and there is no way you can explain how both you and Jamie flew through the air. You sigh in frustration and glance down at Jamie a second time; he looks worse, he needs to see a doctor. You know you won’t make it up the hill, if Jack Frost is around, he or…it is Jamie’s only chance.

“Okay… I believe,” you declare.

“Say it out loud,” says Jamie.

“Okay… I believe…” you pause “in… Jack… Frost”.

You grip Jamie to your chest and tighten your grasp under his hoodie bound legs. You look around and wait. “Uhh… Jamie? Now what?”

“You can hand him over to me,” says a male voice behind you.

You hold your position, unsure if this is real and unsure if you really want to turn around. You squint your eyes shut and slowly turn around.

“It’s okay, I promise, everything is going to be alright. Just open your eyes, and give Jamie to me… I’ll keep him safe,” he explains.

Reluctant, you open your eyes and take a step back from the boy standing in front of you. He holds his arms out and smiles at you. “It’s okay…it’s okay,” he coos.

You shake and step towards him, placing Jamie in Jack’s arms. Your arms brush against each other and you feel a cold wave move through you. “Take him to the hospital please,” you instruct “and please… take care of him, he’s my friend.”

Jack nods and lifts Jamie into the sky, you watch as they fly into the distance.
Happy Valentine's Day readers! I have been writing a Jack Frost x Reader Fan fiction lately entitled "The Love of a Guardian" (see here) [link] but I felt like writing another one.

This story is a Jack Frost x Reader Valentine's Day special. This chapter is the first part. It's going to be shorter than my other story and it is not in connection with the first (UPDATE Story has been extended). The character (you) in this one is younger (age 14) and a very interesting say the least. UPDATE: Reader is older than 14 because technically Jack is 18. The reader is closer to high school. This story is my Valentine's Day present to all of you! I will try to write and upload the next parts for tomorrow (since it's the holiday) however, if they are not up just check back in the next couple days. Happy Valentine's Day my beautiful readers! :heart: :love: :heart: :hug: :heart:

Chapter one: You're on it!
Chapter two: [link]
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